Culture Night

Brideview Drama will have their annual Culture Night this Friday night, Sep 21st in Clancy’s Bar in Tallow.

The event will be free of charge and audiences are welcome to mosey in and out whenever they feel like it.

Tallow Culture Night is a platform for new and seasoned creatives in the local area to showcase their talent, original works and gain experience in a relaxed setting away from the stage and bright lights.

The aim of the night is to bring culture and the arts into a more accessible setting for members of the local community to enjoy who may never have stepped foot in a theatre before.

There will be some comedy sketches, original poetry, jokes, monologues and songs a plenty.

If anyone would like to say a few words or sing a few bars on the night they can email or simply turn up on the night and find Brideview Drama’s secretary Emily Aherne and she will pencil you in.

No experience is necessary and a performance slot is open to absolutely anyone.

Of course, no show can take place without an audience, so all are welcome to simply sit and enjoy the spoken word and song.

The event, which is part of a national Culture Night initiative, will be free of charge and is due to kick off at around 8pm.

Brideview Drama is kindly support by Waterford Arts Council.

The culture of Tallow

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