Stolen Child

Brideview Drama have been blown away by the response to their festival play ‘Stolen Child’ by Bairbre Ní Chaoimh and Yvonne Quinn. You could hear a pin drop in Tallow Community Centre at every performance as the audience followed every step of Angela’s gruelling search to find her birth mother.

Angela enlists the assistance of a private detective who is a bit of a chancer, played by Sean Ahern, to help her find her mother. Along the journey of discovery, she learns some heartbreaking and harrowing truths about her past, all the while romancing with a married doctor (Liam Roche) to fill the empty void in her life. Emer Peet plays the character of Angela with great sincerity.

Her birth mother, Peggy (played by Helen Aherne), gets the chance to tell her own life story and details the horrific suffering she went through as a young adult in an institution in Ireland.

There were many teary eyes in the audience at the end of last Saturday night but there were plenty of laughs throughout as well. All those who saw the production said that the story sucked them in and they were waiting on tenterhooks to find out what was going to happen next. The word is out – this is a play you need to see.

There are only three more chances to see this play before Brideview take the show on the festival circuit. Come down to Tallow Community Centre this Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th Feb. Curtain 8.15pm. There is also a special performance on Wednesday 28th where all proceeds from the show will be donated to Pieta House.Brideview Cast

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