Brideview Drama Take On Brian Friel’s ‘Living Quarters’ for 2017 Festival Circuit

‘Living Quarters’ by Brian Friel is not a very well-known play and it rarely appears on the 3-Act Festival Circuit but Brideview Drama are once again living up to their reputation and taking on this challenging work for the Festival Circuit this year.

‘Living Quarters’ is set in Commandant Frank Butler’s living quarters – a detached house close to a small military barracks in a remote part of County Donegal over the course of one day. This memory play reconstructs a day in the life of the Butler family – the day when Frank Butler, who has served all his life in the Irish army, returns from United Nations service to learn of his young wife’s affair with his son from a previous marriage.

This is a very engaging play and has many moments of tension and climax, all the while expressing the emotions (or lack thereof) experienced by all members of the family which is relatable to many family situations.

It’s lovely to see a mix of some familiar and some new faces this year in our fabulous cast of nine. Our talented cast includes John Baldwin as Sir, Emer Martin as Helen, Connor Goulding as Ben, Ted O’Brien as Fr.Tom, Marie Barry as Anna and Philip Peet as Charlie. We warmly welcome the return of Sean Ahern as Frank and Catriona Howard as Miriam to the Tallow stage and we are also delighted to have a newcomer to Brideview Drama this year – Rachel Owens (who plays Tina). All are very able directed by Brideview Drama’s current chairman, Tomas Roche.

The production opens in Tallow Community Centre on Thursday February 16 at 8.15pm and will run on Friday 17 and Saturday 18. It will return after a week-long break on Tuesday 28 Feb and Wed 1 March before they hit the road.

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