‘The 1916 Seven’ – A Musical

Rehearsals are in full swing for ‘The 1916 Seven’. The show is gearing up and the cast of over 30 adults are full of gusto to make this a stunning show.

Our seven signatories are growing relevant mustaches, locating relevant spectacles and honing their debating skills at military council meetings.

Our actors who play the seven signatories are Gavin Hallahan as Padraig Pearse, John Murray as Tom Clarke, Martin Murphy as Sean McDiarmada, Pat Aherne as Tomas McDonagh, Tom Mulcahy as James Connolly, Frank Roche as Joseph Plunkett and Tomas Roche as Eamonn Ceannt.

Everyone is very busy practicing the chorus songs like ‘Free The People’, ‘On the One Road’ and ‘Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile’ and adding marching and movement, while the soloist are all adding the final finesse to songs like ‘Four Green Field’s which will be sang by Sinead O’Neill who plays Mother Ireland, ‘Bless This House’ which will be sang by Frank Ryan who plays Fr.Flanagan and Patriot Game which is sang by Andrew O’Riordan who plays a young rebel in the show.

The musical,which is written and directed by Jack Aherne and is musically directed by Mairead Cullinane will run on Wednesday 25th May, Thursday 26th May, Friday 27th May and Saturday 28th May in Tallow Community Centre.

This show which is supported by Ireland 2016 and Waterford Arts is already creating a sense of excitement in Tallow and tickets can be booked on 058-56584 between 6pm and 8pm daily.

Tell your friends, come down to Tallow and witness a once in a lifetime show.

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