‘Portia Coughlan’ at the Cork Arts Theatre

‘Come one and all’,
The CAT Club does call.
Come on down to see,
A play by the Lee.

‘Portia Coughlan’s the show,
And the tears they will flow,
As she opens the door
To her mind, to her core.

Each scene draws you in,
You’d hear the drop of a pin,
As her twin calls her in
To the river with him.
Yet it’s not all so sad.
As the laughs they are had
At Senchil’s quaint ways
And the insults from Blaize.
At Fintan the barman
A sleazy and slimy man.
At the dancing and drinking
Which helps Portia stop thinking.

Brideview Drama’s the crew,
Who bring this great play to you.
So turn off the TV
And come on down to see,
‘Portia Coughlan’ – a play
This Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Brideview Drama Tallow presents ‘Portia Coughlan’ by Marina Carr this Thurs 19, Fri 20 and Sat 21st in the Cork Arts Theatre at 8pm sharp.


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