Brideview Drama stage ‘Portia Coughlan’.

After months of in-depth reading sessions in the back kitchen of Tallow Community Centre, the script of ‘Portia Coughlan’ by Marina Carr has been dropped and each and every character has sprang from the page to the stage in the past few weeks.

Based on the dark story of Portia Coughlan’s struggle with the death of her twin brother, the heart wrenching play will take you on a journey like none other.

It is deeply moving and thought provoking as the audience are invited to enter into the disturbed mind of the 30 year old Portia.

Although the theme of the play is a heavy one, there is no doubt that the audiences will enjoy the show. It is a powerful play with well-defined characters, all of whom play an important role in the patchwork quilt that is Portia’s life.

With a bitter granny (Helen Aherne), a cold-hearted mother (Veronica Henley), A ruthless father (Sean Tobin) and a deceased twin brother (Eoghan Hennessy), Portia Coughlan’s (Emer Martin) upbringing has damaged her irreversibly.

Her friendships and relationship are complicated as a result. Her husband (Liam Roche) is at his wits end, her teenage love interest (John Baldwin) is now her lover and the roving eye of Fintan the barman (Gavin Hallahan) is never too far away from her.

Those who have always been good to Portia are few and far between. Her lifelong friend Stacia Doyle (Marie Barry) is her companion through thick and thin, while her aunt Maggie May (Yvonne Seymour) and her uncle Senchil (Ted O’Brien) always keep a watchful eye.

Directed by Jack Aherne, ‘Portia Coughlan will be in Tallow Community Centre on Thursday Feb 12 and Friday Feb 13. Curtain 8.15pm. (Over 18s due to its adult content).

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