Brideview Drama goes ‘Out of Order’ next week

James Ahern and Tomas Roche Close up-John,Tomas, Liam and James
All systems are go for the cast and crew of ‘Out Of Order’ by Ray Cooney which will be presented by Brideview Drama, Tallow in just one week’s time. The rehearsals are intensifying as David Murphy whips the cast into shape ahead of the seven side-splitting performances.

The actors and crew alike have found themselves giddy as goats at recent rehearsals as the comic timing slickens and the characters come well and truly alive.

The comic duo, Will Motherway and Tomas Roche will have the audience doubled over with laughter as they spin lie after lie. The hotel manager (Liam Roche) is most disgusted when hears of what Will’s character, Richard Wiley is getting up to in his hotel. Richard and his mistress Jane Worthington (Anne Gough) get a huge shock when each of the unexpected visitors arrive. Mr.Wiley is determined to talk his way out of it but will he be able to keep it all together?

The remaining hotel staff who get caught up in the antics are an unusual bunch to say the least. The money hungry waiter played by John Roche is more than willing to give a hand in the cover ups at a price. Helen Aherne plays the Spanish maid, a woman of few words with her mind on the job in hand, throwing a spanner in the works with hilarious consequences.

Pamela Wiley played by Audrey Sheehan has a surprise up her sleeve for her husband Richard Wiley but after a sudden turn of events she ends up at the receiving end of a surprise she never expected.

Ronnie Worthington (James Ahern) the other unfortunate spouse follows his nose and his suspicions but is put off the scent by the scheming Richard.

Nurse Gladys Foster (Mary Curley) begins to worry when Mr.Pigeon doesn’t return home from work to mind his Mammy. She arrives at the hotel looking for an explanation and gets more of an answer than she bargained for.

All the while, the private detective Jack Baker (James Clancy) is in the hotel searching for a lead but quickly finds himself in the dark. The whole investigation is left hanging.

‘Out of Order’ will be in Tallow Community Centre on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th of November. It will also be on the following two weekends Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th.

Tickets 10 euro. (error in last article) Curtain: 8.15pm.
Don’t miss out on this great night’s entertainment.

p.s. Following the introduction of the water charges, the tears of laughter from the audience will be collected in buckets each night and put back into the water supply.

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