Panto Time in Tallow

Snow White and her Seven Tallow Lads are calling all residents of West Waterford and beyond to join them at their hilarious pantomime in Tallow Community Centre this week.

‘‘Produced by Jack, Directed by Dave, Dance done by Ann, Music by Mairead.
Panto Fever has struck in the town of Tallow and it’s off to the Panto ye all should go.

Tomas Roche plays the beloved Dame Molly, who is searching for a husband and her little doggy.

Her niece Snow White is in love with the Prince, and her life will be saved by one simple kiss. Rhona Geary, she plays the beautiful Snow White, while Ronan Bennett plays her Mr.Right.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall fills the Wicked Queen with gall, both of these roles are played with honour by Mary Curley and Louise O’Connor.

The panto horse can be seen, trotting into any scene. The noble steed played by Bart and Liam, have learnt the true meaning of the word ‘team’.

The Seven Tallow Lads are a crazy crew, with Bridie and Blindy and Sleepy too, with Tishoo, Happy, Grumpy and Doc you’re in for a more than hilarious shock.

Sean Tobin’s the Huntsman and he gives us a song and I’ll bet you a tenner you’ll be singing along.

Audrey Sheehan will be the fairy godmother dear, helping you kickstart your fitness regime for this year.

The teenage chorus, with their voices so sweet, will have you clapping and singing and up on your feet. Their dancing is fluid and lovely to watch, while the live band move the standard up a notch.

The kids add life and joy and fun, and must be commended for the hard work done.

All that’s needed now are seats to be filled, dear audience prepare to be thrilled and fulfilled.’’

All proceeds of the pantomime go towards the Tallow Community Centre Development Fund. Tickets are available from Centa, Spar, Daybreak, Tallowvision and Tallow Enterprise Centre. Credit Card bookings available at 058-56326 (business hours only). Snow White and The Seven Tallow Lads will be in Tallow Community Centre on Jan 2 at 8.00pm, Jan 3 at 8.00pm, Jan 4 at 3.00pm, Jan 4 at 8.00pm and Jan 5 at 3.00pm.

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