Only 5 Days to go ’til ’13 Rue De L’Amour’

13 Rue De L’Amour is a comedy play directed by Jack Aherne which will be on in Tallow Community Centre this Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November at 8.15pm. 

With only five days left til the first performance Brideview are busy polishing their comic-timing and upper class accents.

Last week’s costume fitting was a comedy in itself, as the larger than life characters emerged from the changing room in all their glory, with many a waistcoat, some starched collars, a few well-groomed beards and colourful cravats.

When a pair of trousers is used as a piece of evidence, when ‘going hunting’ doesn’t really mean going hunting, when cover-ups go belly-up and when the bundle of lies just keeps on bundling, you simply can’t help but laugh. 

All the usual suspects are filling the many roles in this play including a know-it-all policeman, a “faithful” wife, a poetic doctor, a hunting husband, a curious housemaid, a delinquent nephew, a German countess and a confused old friend.

With buckets of infidelity, long Victorian dresses and twists and turns galore, 13 Rue De L’amour is a comedy not to be missed
This clever comedy which runs for this weekend only.

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