Only Two Weeks to Go for Brideview Drama’s ’13 Rue De L’Amour’

It’s only two weeks ‘til the first performance of ’13 Rue De L’Amour’ at Tallow Community Centre. This hilarious comedy, set in Paris has all the ingredients for a fun-filled evening at the theatre. Take one philandering husband; add his virtuous wife set on revenge, and a doctor determined to be her instrument of revenge; mix well with the husband’s friend who is eager to trap his spouse in flagrante delicto and a young nephew with a cocotte to round out his education; toss them together at 13 Rue de L’Amour where a love starved German countess is the concierge; season with a befuddled police inspector and a perky French maid and Voilá!


The cast which includes all the familiar favourites – Johnny Baldwin, Niamh MacAuley, Liam Roche, Helen Aherne, Ted O’Brien, Damien Pollard, Helen Aherne, John Roche and Veronica Henley have been working hard over the past few months to get the show ready for the stage and are all looking forward to performing ‘13 Rue De L’Amour’ which will run for two nights only. The play will be on in Tallow Community Centre on November 15 and 16 and promises to be an entertaining night for all.

Reminder: Panto Rehearsal this Saturday Nov 2 at 3pm in Tallow Community Centre.

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